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They'll laugh, cry, remember and hope... that they're not up next.

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Bespoke from proposal to happily ever after. 

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We are a small group of screenwriters putting our film and television writing skills to work crafting toasts and speeches.

We cut our teeth writing dramas, comedies and everything in between for some of the biggest studios, networks and production companies in the entertainment landscape. 

We are storytelling fanatics who believe everyone has a great speech inside them. After all, audiences love a true story.



Because perfect movie moments don't just appear out of thin air.

Without a screenwriter, When Harry Met Sally he wouldn't have had a word to say. Jerry Maguire couldn't have shown anyone anything, and a very anxious electronics salesman would now be The 56-Year-Old Virgin.

Movie magic can make you laugh, cry or give you goosebumps, but it's not the happy accident it seems.

It exists thanks to the blood (mostly paper cuts), sweat and tears of screenwriters who lose sleep building narratives that develop dramatic, comedic and emotional resonance.

Happily, our obsessions can also turn potential public speaking nightmares into the stuff of legend.



Nope, no peeking!


Our names aren’t on this website and neither is anything we’ve ever written for our clients.


You hire us to channel (or sharpen, or reimagine, or flat-out create) your voice, and that’s nobody’s business but your own.


If you want to tell people we helped out, we always appreciate a referral. But if you want to pass a killer speech off as yours and yours alone, that’s great too. Because without your voice, your stories, your life... we never could have written it in the first place.



We begin with the most important element for a great speech: you.


First, we get to know as much as we can about you and your relationship with the person you're honoring. Once we've honed in on enough information, your work is done! Then we get down to writing. When the speech is on paper and looking good, we send you a draft to review and note. 

We write every speech from scratch because there are no shortcuts to good storytelling.



Our writers will be in touch soon. Cheers!

Limited availability remains in November & December, 2022.

"You said you'd give me a movie moment and you absolutely did. Thank you for helping me honor my friends and for making it so much fun!"

—  Noelle, Bridesmaid