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Man and woman at fancy wedding hold their glasses up to toast at the end of a great speech

Tinseltown Toasts

Custom Toasts & Speeches by Hollywood Screenwriters

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Toasts & Speeches

They'll laugh, cry, remember and hope... that they're not up next.


Bespoke from proposal to happily ever after. 


Put your heart where your mouth is.

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Mother of the groom has the whole crowd laughing at her funny toast to the happy couple


We are a small group of screenwriters putting our film and television writing skills to work crafting toasts and speeches.

We cut our teeth writing dramas, comedies and everything in between for some of the biggest studios, networks and production companies in the entertainment landscape. 

We are storytelling fanatics who believe everyone has a great speech inside them. After all, audiences love a true story.



Because perfect movie moments don't just appear out of thin air.

Without a screenwriter, When Harry Met Sally he wouldn't have had a word to say. Jerry Maguire couldn't have shown anyone anything, and a very anxious electronics salesman would now be The 56-Year-Old Virgin.

Movie magic can make you laugh, cry or give you goosebumps, but it's not the happy accident it seems.

It exists thanks to the blood (mostly paper cuts), sweat and tears of screenwriters who lose sleep building narratives that develop dramatic, comedic and emotional resonance.

Happily, our obsessions turn potential public speaking nightmares into the stuff of legend.

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Our work
Typewriter is ready to tackle the blank page


Nope, no peeking!


Our names aren’t on this website and neither is anything we’ve ever written for our clients.


You hire us to channel (or sharpen, or reimagine, or flat-out create) your voice, and that’s nobody’s business but your own.


If you want to tell people we helped out, we always appreciate a referral. But if you want to pass a killer speech off as yours and yours alone, that’s great too. Because without your voice, your stories, your life... we never could have written it in the first place.



We begin with the most important element for a great speech: you.


First, we get to know as much as we can about you and your relationship with the person you're honoring. Once we've honed in on enough information, your work is done and we get down to writing! When the speech is on paper and looking good, we send you a draft to review and note. 

We write every speech from scratch because there are no shortcuts to good storytelling.

Gold wedding bands rest side-by-side atop vintage typewriter keys


Our writers will be in touch soon. Cheers!

Wedding guests in formal wear watch and listen to a great speech

"When you first said a maid of honor speech could create a movie moment, I thought it was a sales pitch. It's been three weeks now since the wedding and I can't believe how right you were! And I'm not the only one replaying the moment - I'm still getting calls and texts from friends who lived it with me!"

—  Noelle, Bridesmaid

You’ve sailed past active and passive calls to action alike and made it to the end. Well done! But the proverbial credits have rolled… so, what gives?


Sadly, our attempts at charm, snark, and wit can’t possibly have you hooked. Instead, we wonder if a question has been eating at you all website long: 


Is using a wedding speech writer… cheating? 


Of course it is! 


It’s okay, we get it – cheating is not your style.


In truth, we commend you. It takes real commitment to cut your own hair, make your own clothing, and roll up your sleeves to install new brake pads all by yourself. Let alone never relying on the likes of doctors, lawyers, accountants, or pilots.


What’s that? You take your car into the shop for service?? 


Of course you do! Because that’s no more cheating than a trip to the doctor or leaving the piloting to a pilot. 


But… wanting to hire someone to write a speech feels… different, right?


Good! You’re in the right place.


That feeling suggests your concern isn’t a surface level thing: wanting to look good by sounding great. Not that optics don’t matter, it’s just that they are often the easy part when we can focus on the good stuff that lies deeper. After all, we’re talking about a marriage here! The path to which was (hopefully) paved with heart. A speech that honors it lovingly, roasts it uproariously, and toasts it cleverly, tends to be found down a very similar path. 


Maybe that gnawing question really asks: If I pay someone to write a speech, will it lessen the importance of my involvement in the celebration? Will it change my message? Will it still be… mine?


No. No. And yes. 


But more importantly, those are exactly the kind of concerns we want clients to have! They are the reason why our process is never fire & forget – it’s hire & converse. A conversation-based approach might not seem the most efficient path to speech construction, but for a wedding speech writing service like Tinseltown Toasts, where speech efficacy is valued above all, it absolutely is. 


It’s also how our fascination with this form of storytelling continues to grow even with hundreds of speeches in the rearview – variety is the spice of speech writing too. Even though the same life event – marriage – is the impetus for these speeches, the lives of every wedding’s cast of characters differ vastly, so the storytelling that reflects them has to as well. The more personal our storytelling gets, the more you remain the author of the moment. 


Weddings have a nasty habit of flying by too fast, and our job is to make sure the moments that might matter… absolutely do. 


We can’t stop time for you, but we can offer the next best thing: aiding and abetting in the (temporary) capture of hearts and minds – with a moment that will be remembered.

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